The terror attack on 22nd March 2017 in London

I looked on in horror at the television reports of the terror attack on Westminster Bridge in London.  There were so many people affected, either being physically injured by the marauding vehicle or jumping off the bridge to escape.  Five people have died in this pointless attack, one a policeman who was fatally stabbed protecting our country.

My heart went out to the many tourists who had been caught up in this atrocity and I wondered what on earth I could do, if anything, to help those and all the citizens of London who have been permanently damaged, either physically or mentally.



There was nothing I could do from where I live on the Isle of Wight, nearly 4 hours away, at that time.  I could only send positive and healing thoughts to all those involved.

I read about the black cab drivers who were taking people home at no cost to make sure they were ok.  How wonderful to have that great act of kindness.

I read about the Uber drivers who were charging four times the fares to take people home. Such greed.

I wondered what I can do to help.  I thought about it. What I can do now is help some of those who have been affected by listening to them, as often getting their own thoughts out of their heads is vital in their healing process.  There would be no charge from me. I want to help in some small way.  If you have been affected by this terror attack, or know someone who has, get in touch and I will listen and help where I can.

Maggie Currie

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What do you desire in your life?  Do you get a sense that something is missing?  

What do you desire to not be in your life? Is there something you would be glad to be rid of?

 My desire is to take the experiences of emotional and psychological abuse, toxic relationship and divorce and use them to create a catalyst for positive change. And I am doing just that.  I have created a community interest company and through this I am going to help people who have escaped from abusive relationships to move on with their lives, be more independent and be proud of who they are.  

You can take a look here at what I have created with the help of my husband and a good friend.

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I have found that it is not only possible to make a positive change, it is changing the way I see myself and the way that I am seen by others. 

It is my desire to move you from that place that is not great in your life to a place of enjoyment.

Everyone deserves to live their life as they want to live it and not the life that somebody else dictates to them. I am giving people the self confidence to be able to say no when it is appropriate and not to feel guilty when they do so.

So are you living your life the way you desire to live it?  If you are then I applaud you.  If you’re not, what are you going to do about it? 

I would love to hear from you about your desires and how you have achieved them or plan to achieve them.

Maggie Currie

Transformational Coach, Consultant



How do I know I have low self-esteem? And how can I change that?

Low self-esteem manifests itself in a variety of ways, and I should know I have been there.  For me the following was very true:

  • I didn’t think I was good enough.
  • I thought everyone else thought they were good enough.
  • I didn’t look after myself, I put others first.
  • I let people manipulate me.
  • I was in a bad relationship.
  • I felt sad and thought there must be more to life than this.
  • I constantly asked other people for their opinion, I didn’t think I knew anything.
  • I was verbally and emotionally abused and never felt I was worthy.

I started out with the intention of being happy when I got married at age 19, but soon discovered that the marriage was not working as I was constantly treated like an idiot, not allowed to develop as me, told I was worthless and became a possession.  This situation went on for 12 years and my self-esteem nose-dived.


 When I eventually woke up to the fact that I was allowing this to happen, I decided to get out of the relationship.

Getting out of that relationship led me to become a single parent, living in a small flat with three small children, no money, no job, no prospects and I felt there was no hope.  My self-esteem went down even further.

Does anything resonate with you yet? Can you see the likenesses in your life at the moment? Don’t despair, there is hope.

It took me a while, some years, but I found the answers to rebuilding my self-esteem and my life to such an extent that I now run two successful businesses that I set up and I am a published author. I married again and have been very happily married for 30 years to a wonderful man who loves me as me.  I have retrained as a life coach and work with people who have no self-esteem and help them to re-build it and I love every minute of it.

I know how it feels, I know it hurts and that’s why I can help so many people.  I am still learning, life is a school and I attend every day.


 So what can you do right now to begin to change your situation and start to re-build your self-esteem?

  • Stop thinking that you are not good enough.  You most definitely are.
  • Begin to look after yourself, put yourself first. It is not selfish – it is essential.
  • Before you think that you don’t have the answer stop, really think about the question, the answer is there, you just have to find it deep down inside yourself.
  • There is more to life than you have now, it is out there waiting for you. What is it that you want? Picture it in your head, write it down, look for it and you will attract it to you.
  • Listen to your intuition. Really listen. It is telling you what is right for you.

By changing your attitude towards yourself you will notice that other people will change their attitudes towards you.  It won’t happen overnight, it will take time, but it will happen.

Begin today to change your life. You deserve to be happy and to be yourself. You deserve to have high self-esteem.

Don’t be afraid to ask me for help in facing your fears and peeling back the layers. Trust me to help you find the real you. I’m not the same as every other Life Coach out there. I work from my heart, incorporate emotion based coaching and inspiration from my own life experiences. You can trust me to inspire you, encourage you, support you, nurture you along your path of transformation. Do it for you, do it today. Get in touch today to take your first steps towards a more confident and intuitive you.

Contact me to have a free chat on how my coaching can help you find solutions to your problems.

Maggie Currie 





We all have beliefs, most of which have been programmed into us from a very young age and most of  us don’t question them.  There are beliefs that cannot be changed, and that is just the way it is and we have to accept it.  But there are lots of beliefs that we hold that may not be relevant now.
Here is a true story which will illustrate just how easily we are ‘programmed’
A young couple got married, and when it came to cooking the Sunday roast, the young wife picked up her joint of meat, broke the bone in it and folded it before putting it in the roasting tin.  Her new husband asked her why she had done this.  She replied ‘That’s the way my mother always does it’.
A few weeks later, the young couple were invited to her parents’ house for Sunday lunch, and the young husband was intrigued as he watched his mother-in-law pick up her joint of meat, break the bone and fold it before putting it in the roasting tin.  He asked his mother-in-law why she did this.  She replied ‘That’s the way my mother always does it’.
A month or so later, the young couple went to have Sunday lunch with her Grandmother.  The young husband was still intrigued by the breaking of the bone before putting the joint in the roasting tin, and so he mentioned to his wife’s Grandmother how his wife and his mother-in-law both broke the bone in the joint of meat before putting in the roasting tin, and that his mother-in-law learned it from the Grandmother, and his wife learned it from his mother-in-law.  He asked if she could shed any light on this for him.
The Grandmother replied ‘Do they still do that?  I used to do it because my roasting tin was very small and unless I broke the bone, I couldn’t fit the joint in it’.
That is how simple it is to be ‘programmed’.

I have a belief that there is good in everybody. This belief comes from parents who told me this many years ago and therefore I have believed it for all this time. I have not had any reason to challenge this belief before and therefore it has just sat there in my mind.

I have challenged this belief, and I now believe that there is good in most people but not everybody. I discovered something about a person I know that was unpleasant, nauseating and which shook me to the core. That belief is now buried forever, and the new belief has replaced it.

10 beliefs I hold:

  • I believe there is a higher being, but I am not sure what or who it is.
  • I believe that working hard reaps great rewards.
  • I believe that honesty is always the best policy.
  • I believe that marriage is an equal partnership and that to be best friends as well is vital.
  • I believe I have masses to offer to other people to help them become the very best version of themselves.
  • I believe I made some huge mistakes whilst bringing up my children.
  • I believe that friends are attracted to me rather than me going out to find them.
  • I believe in general humans think they are superior to other creatures.
  • I believe change can be brought to this planet by drip feeding positive thoughts.
  • I believe in the power of the Universe

I have challenged the belief that there is good in everybody because it has been proved to me that this is just not the case. Therefore this belief is easy to change and will remain changed unless it can be disproved to me that there is good in most people.

I had a belief that my intuition (inner self, spirit, gut instinct) is infallible. It has shown me that it is not. My belief now is that I can trust my intuition up to a limit, but that consideration will have to be made in the future to ensure my gut instinct is not destroyed and continues to protect me.

 What are your beliefs? Are there any that need looking at or adjusting?  Take a look and you might just be surprised.

Contact me today, and we can have a chat on how I can help you. There is so much more information for you to see about my coaching on my website, take a look.

Maggie Currie 

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Do you need to change your surname after divorce?

There are a million reasons why it is advisable to stick with your married name after divorce.  There are also a million reasons why you could change your surname after divorce.

If you have children, it can make it easier when dealing with schools to keep the same surname as the children have.  Although, in this day and age, it is very common for children to have different surnames from their parents.  For instance, when two families merge there will be Mr & Mrs X and their 6 children.  3 of the children have come from Mrs X’s previous marriage, and 3 of the children have come from Mr X’s previous marriage.  So there will be Mr & Mrs X with children X and children Y.

It can cause some hassle with paperwork, but other than that, it is not a problem.


When there are no children involved, it may be that you may want to change your surname.  You can choose to revert to your maiden name, if you like that name, or you can choose another surname entirely.  Changing your name can be done relatively easily via deed poll.  You will have to provide several forms of documentation to prove you are who you say you are, and that you not going to commit fraud. But once that is done, and the fee paid of course, you can go ahead.  You can find out more information from their website.

You could completely reinvent yourself if you chose to. Pick a name that you have always loved and that you think will suit you.  If you are not sure, then try a few out for size.  Write down the names you think of, say them out loud, see if they fit.  If they don’t then think of some more until you find one you really like.

There will be banks, credit cards etc., to inform, but once that is all done you can live happily with your new name.


Some people want to revert to their maiden name, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that either.  It is a matter of personal choice.

There are, of course those, who didn’t change their surname when they got married, and therefore nothing needs to change now, unless they want it to…………….

Whatever decision you make, be sure it is the right one for you.  Don’t allow other people to influence you either way.  It is your life, your name and it is you who has to live with it.

I have some availability for coaching clients, we just need to fix some dates if and when you want to get started. Get in touch today.

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How to improve your life pre and post divorce

Going through divorce takes its toll, I can attest to that! I thought the process would never end and that I would never be able to get away and live my life on my own.

I had all the doubts that come with being in an uncertain situation.  I was afraid of making mistakes, of making the wrong decisions, losing control of my emotions, trying to be civil to my ex, especially in front of the children, and I lost sight of who I was.

I found the fear of making mistakes to be so overwhelming, and I thought that those mistakes were going to affect me for evermore. That was very scary.  I found the way to stop it being so overwhelming was to get professional help.  I used the services of a solicitor I could trust.  It is important for you to surround yourself with professionals whose expertise you trust and respect – and also that you can afford. I know it will make such a difference to you.

Decision making became a chore.  I was frequently asked to make decisions.  That too was very worrying.  But what is it I was worrying about? The unknown of course.  Make sure you get all the facts; analyse those facts; make a decision – then ACT on that decision. I know then you will get unstuck and move forward.

Being in control of emotions is very important.  I found that nobody wanted to hear me talk incessantly about my ex. But I did need to talk to someone to let out all that rage and anger. I tried to limit those listeners to a few very good friends and a few family members I trusted. Be aware of who you are talking to, the checkout assistant in the supermarket really doesn’t want to know just what a horrible idiot your ex-husband is!

I know how difficult it is to remember who you are in the divorce process.  Try and make sure your priority is you.  No matter how well or badly your divorce goes, even in the very worst divorces, there will be a time for you to heal and accept. It is definitely preferable to do all you can to maintain a civil relationship with your ex.  For a time you will feel all the emotions that go with a fight. Once that fight is over, let go of the bitterness, because if you don’t, it will only be you who will suffer.

I was very angry at first and it really didn’t do me any good at all.  Choose not to be angry, after all being angry is a choice. There are many reasons to hold onto anger and refuse to let it go. There are some people who become addicted to anger.  Anger gives a false sense of power and strength. However, the real strength comes from having the ability to recognise the false rush anger brings and to have the power of stepping back and seeing the whole situation for what it really is.  Real power helps you to respond with clarity and compassion.

Going through divorce I was a mum, an ex-wife and a huge number of other descriptions.  But where was I? I was lost, but I made the effort to find me again.  It’s vital for you to remember that you are so much more than a newly single woman or a mother. You are a strong woman, a worker, a friend, a volunteer – there are so many facets to you. You need to weave these facets into your definition of yourself.

Follow these steps and you won’t become an angry ex-wife who has lost her identity and spends all her days telling supermarket staff how bad her life is.  You will be in control, able to make decisions that are right for you and will avoid making mistakes.

I have some availability for coaching clients, we just need to fix some dates if and when you want to get started. Get in touch today.

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