Honouring Life Changes

Anything worth doing will always have some fear attached to it. For example, having a baby, getting married, changing careers, the current lock down, all of these life changes can bring up deep fears. It helps to remember that this type of fear is good. It is your way of questioning whether you really want the life these changes will bring. It is also a potent reminder that releasing and grieving the past is a necessary part of moving into the new.

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Fear has a way of throwing us off balance, making us feel uncertain and insecure, but it is not meant to discourage us. Its purpose is to let us know that we are at the edge of our comfort zone, poised in between the old life and a new one. Whenever we face our fear, we overcome an inner obstacle and move into new and life-enhancing territory, both inside and out. The more we learn to respect and even welcome fear, the more we will be able to hear its wisdom, our innate wisdom that will let us know that the time has come to move forward, or not. While comfort with fear is a contradiction in terms, we can learn to honour our fear, recognising its arrival, listening to its innate intelligence, and respecting it as a harbinger of transformation. Indeed, it informs us that the change we are contemplating is significant, enabling us to approach it with the proper reverence.

You might wish to converse with your fear, plumbing its depths for a greater understanding of the change you are making. You could do this by sitting quietly in meditation and listening or by Writing down whatever comes up in your diary. These could be your worries, your sadness, your excitement, your hopes, and is a great way to learn about yourself through the vehicle of fear and to remember that fear almost always comes alongside anything worth doing in your life.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences.

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Maggie Currie


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2 thoughts on “Honouring Life Changes

  1. Hi Maggie I hope you are well and that you and yours are safe. Love this latest post. So true. How is your Neato? Our Botvac is having a new lease of life today -a new battery! Neato is one of the best things that’s happened to me. Thank you so much for your kind recommendation all those years ago.  Love and best wishes Sheelagh xxx     Sheelagh Ward1 Peckforton CloseGatleyCheadle CheshireSK8 4JAUKTel:  0161-491-4930Fax: 0161-491-4930 This email and its contents and attachments are private and may be confidential. It is intended for the recipient only. If misdirected please inform by telephone to confirm it has been deleted from your system and any copies destroyed. All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned using Norton AV 2009.


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