Making Big Change Easier

When we have decided that it’s time for some big changes in our lives, it is sensible to ease into them by starting small. Those small changes allow us to grow into a new habit and make it a permanent part of our lives. Sudden changes may cause a sense of failure that may make it difficult to carry on, and we are more likely to give up.  Even if we think we have failed and find ourselves wondering whether to start over again, we can decide to take it more slowly this time, and move forward.

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Frequently the goals we set for ourselves are indicators of the need for change and encourage us to get moving in the right direction. Be aware that it is possible that once we try out what seemed so ideal, we may find that it doesn’t actually sit right with us, or make us feel the way we had hoped. By taking things slowly, we have the chance to look around and consider other options as we learn and grow. We have time to examine the underlying values of the desire for change and find ways to manifest those feelings, whether it looks exactly like our initial goal or not. Taking small steps forward gives us time to adjust and find secure footing on our new path.

Sometimes life doesn’t give us the opportunity to anticipate or prepare for a big change, and we may find ourselves overwhelmed by what is in front of us. By choosing one thing to work on at a time, we focus our attention on something manageable, and eventually we will look up to see that we have accomplished quite a bit. Forcing change is a sign that we don’t trust our innate wisdom. So listen to your inner guidance and make changes at a pace that is right for you, ensuring that you do so in alignment with your life’s rhythms.

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Maggie Currie


Professional Transformational Coach, Consultant




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