Clinging to our core

You may have noticed times when your whole world seems to be falling apart around you, and you are not sure what to hold onto anymore.  Sometimes this can be because relationships crumble and sometimes it’s can be the physical environment.  At other times, it is difficult to put a finger on it, but it feels as if all the walls have fallen down around us with nothing to lean on, exposed and vulnerable.  These are the times in our lives when we are given an opportunity to see where we have established our sense of identity, safety, and well-being.  And while it is perfectly natural and part of our process to locate our sense of self in external things, any time those external factors shift, we have an opportunity to rediscover and move closer to our core, which is the only truly safe place we have to call home.

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The core of our being is not affected by the shifting winds of circumstance or affected by the cycles of change that govern physical reality.  It is as steady and consistent as the sun, which is why the great mystics and mystical poets often reference the sun in their poems to the self. Like the sun, there are times when our core seems to be inaccessible to us, but this is just a misperception. We know that the sun has not disappeared permanently when it goes behind a cloud or sets for the night, it is simply temporarily out of sight. In the same way, we can trust that our inner core is always shining brightly, even when we cannot quite see it.

We can cling to this core when things around us are falling apart, knowing that the light that shines from within ourselves is inexhaustible.  Those times of external darkness can be a great gift in that they provide an opportunity to remember this inner light that shines regardless of the circumstances of our lives. When our external lives begin to come back together, and they will, we are able to lean less heavily on the structures we used to call home, knowing more clearly than ever that our true home is that bright sun shining in our core.

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