People and Trees

A tree that is beginning to grow sends its roots down into Mother Earth as it also reaches and opens to the sky above, finding nourishment from the sun and the moisture in the air and in the rain that falls soaking the earth down to its roots. In the same way, we can visualise ourselves as treelike beings. Imagine that we have roots reaching down into the earth, energetic strands that keep us connected. Simultaneously the crowns of our heads lift and open to receive nourishment from above. Just like a tree, we seek the sunshine and water we need to survive and thrive. Both trees and people serve as conduits for the intertwining of the opposite and complementary elements of air, water, sun, and earth.

tree of support

We humans also share creative ways of growing with trees, regardless of the challenges we come up against in our environments. Trees will even grow through rock, shattering it, to reach the air and light they need to survive. We are similarly resilient, with an innate ability for growth and the conditions that promote it. We find creative ways over or around any obstacles we confront as we move along our paths, moving toward the light that feeds us, just as trees grow around other trees and rocks as they make their way upward.

Thinking about the ways in which trees and people mirror one another brings us into alignment with the reality that we are part of Mother Nature. Our children, the trees and their children, will live together on the earth as long as we all survive, sharing the elements and serving together to forward nature’s plan. Walking in a forest can be a meditation, a re-connection with nature, the interweaving lives of all living creatures and the planet on which we all take root and reach for the sky.

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Maggie Currie


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