Feeling Depleted

There are times in our lives when it seems our bodies are running on empty. We aren’t ill, nor are we necessarily pushing ourselves to the limit – rather, the energy we usually have has mysteriously dissipated, leaving only fatigue. Many people grow accustomed to feeling this way because they aren’t aware it is possible to exist in any other state. The body’s natural state (our factory setting), however, is one of energy, clarity and balance. Cultivating these virtues in our own bodies so that we can combat feelings of depletion is a matter of developing a better awareness of the self and then making changes based on our observations.

Dealing with emotional abuse

Spend a few moments of focused self-examination in which you assess your recent schedule, diet, and general health. This may help you zero in on the factors causing your depletion. If you are struggling to cope with an overfull agenda, prioritisation can help you find more time to sleep and otherwise refresh yourself. Eating plenty of nutritious foods may serve to increase your energy levels. Consider, too, that a physical check up by a chiropractor will likely provide you with wonderful insights into why your body is tired. But identifying the source of your exhaustion will occasionally be more complicated than spotting a void in your lifestyle and filling it with some form of literal nourishment. Matters of the mind and heart can take their toll on your physical self. Intense emotions such as anger, sadness, jealousy, and regret need fuel to manifest in your consciousness. You are using a lot of energy on these emotions. Conversely, a lack of mental and emotional stimulation may leave you feeling listless and lethargic.

Coping with and healing physical depletion will be easier when you accept that the underlying cause may be more complex than you first thought. A harried lifestyle or a diet low in vital nutrients can represent only one part of a larger issue affecting your mood, stamina, and energy levels. When you believe that you are ultimately in control of how you feel, you will be empowered to transform yourself and your day-to-day life so that lasting fatigue can no longer gain a foothold in your existence.

If anything resonates with you in this article, I will be delighted to hear from you, and of course be happy to help you.

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