An instant holiday

Since we were young most of us are led to believe that relaxation is best achieved outside of the home. As a result, we spend months anticipating weeklong holidays, rarely fully appreciating the leisure time we have on a more regular basis. It is possible, however, to recreate the same utterly relaxed state you slip into while on holiday within the walls of your own home. The feelings of serenity you enjoy during a holiday are a product of your outlook rather than where you are. You give yourself permission to enjoy yourself and unwind while on holiday. Granting yourself the same privilege while at home allows you to experience complete relaxation, even when surrounded by routine.


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Our homes can be distracting places as most survival tasks are addressed there. Reviving the tranquility you felt on holiday is as easy as creating an atmosphere that helps you relax. First, get rid of the notion that messes must be cleaned up immediately and reaffirm that relaxation is as vital as physical nourishment. Then, set the mood. Music that reminds you of a much loved holiday destination can put you in a holiday mind-set. The exotic flavour of a tropical beverage or the spiciness a favourite ethnic dish can transport you to a more restful mental space. Finally, put aside your projects and commit to doing only what you consider truly pleasurable. Your responsibilities will wait as you put up your feet and revel in peacefulness that comes from within.

If you find it difficult to ignore the temptation to step back into your usual schedule, consider that relaxation must occupy a prominent place on your to-do list. You deserve to take “you time” and to care for yourself, even during life’s busy periods. While you may not always be able to physically get away from it all, you can still nurture yourself and regain your peace of mind whilst at home.

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