What makes me laugh?

I was wondering what to write and then it came to me – what makes me laugh?

The things children say that are so honest and innocent – for instance my granddaughter Abigail who is 9 years old now, was asked when she was about 18 months old to go and do something with her mother. Her reply was ‘I haven’t finished yet’. When asked by her mother what she was doing that she hadn’t finished yet, Abigail replied ‘Looking out of the window’. Now that made me laugh, because it was so cute, so innocent and so honest.


My husband makes me laugh on occasion. Sometimes it is something he says, sometimes it something he does, it could be the way he looks.

Dogs make me laugh by the way they run around in circles trying to catch their tails, or chase leaves or each other.

Monkeys with their antics, squirrels playing with their acorns, horses trotting around their fields.

My face in the mirror first thing in the morning is hilarious.

I love to watch people and often the way they behave makes me laugh. It could be that they are tipsy and giggly, or they have a specific way of packing their shopping into their bags.

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Laughing doesn’t mean I am ridiculing, it means that I am enjoying what I am seeing and feeling. I love people and animals. I find them fascinating and intriguing.

So lots of things make me laugh, sometimes inwardly and sometimes with a full on belly laugh. The latter is extremely good as I can feel my mood shifting too.

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17 thoughts on “What makes me laugh?

  1. You just can’t beat a good laugh! My daughters giggle all the time and it’s great to join in. Love going to comedy show if I get the chance and your comment ‘My face in the mirror first thing in the morning is hilarious.’ made me chuckle. Mine is too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Every so often something makes us laugh so hard, we’re on the verge of tears and it’s hard to stop. That almost feels as if it erases a couple of years or lifts a ton or two from our shoulders. You can’t orchestrate them … they “just happen” … but they’re priceless!


  3. I’m a big laugher. It’s amazing what makes me laugh. I’ve found that to be one of the best and most contagious things I can do to engage with another person. Keep on laughing . . .


  4. Laughing is so important.They are using laughing therapy now and having great results..Its like hugs and we need lots ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. For me – the greatest laughs come from bad puns (my father was famous for them) and watching our animals. They just do such wonderfully silly things because they are totally unselfconscious. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. My business partner, who is 26 years my junior, makes me feel like a kid again. She can make me laugh until tears run down my face. What a blessing! Yes, laughter is truly the best medicine!


  7. Love this! I find myself laughing softly at the smallest things when I’m alone. Simple things, like watching a butterfly… thinking of a specific time in my life, etc… Laughter is good medecine for the heart and when you have a grateful heart you cannot help but smile… ๐Ÿ™‚


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