S.E.L.F. – E – Energy

What comes to mind when you think of energy? Getting fit, running a marathon or something just as energetic? Well, that is one meaning, but I am referring to the energy we expend in our daily lives doing what we normally do.

The dictionary definition is:

  • the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

In our daily lives we spend a lot of emotional energy worrying, decision making, hiding behind a persona we have created that we think other people want to see, and a million other activities that in themselves aren’t energetic, but use up a lot of emotional energy. So much so that we feel tired, get irritable and, at the end of the day, wonder what on earth we have been doing to feel this way.



But do we need to waste our emotional energy on some of these activities? No we don’t.  Some of these activities are, quite frankly, futile and others are a bad choice. But there is something you can do to save your energy so that you don’t end up frazzled, tired and irritable.  Come to my workshop and learn what you can do for yourself to ease this situation.

In September I am presenting a FREE workshop and energy is one of the topics included.  Click here to book your ticket today and learn more about the secret of SELF.


Maggie Currie


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