S.E.L.F – L – Life

What does life mean to you?

The dictionary definition is “The existence of an individual human being or animal”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just exist, I want to live my life with vigour and energy, to enjoy being in existence and to live my life to the full.


How can we all do that?  We can do that by choosing our thoughts, as they affect how we feel and in fact affect our whole body. How, you may well ask?

Well, the smallest unit of life is called an organism.  Organisms are composed of cells.  And our bodies are made up of millions of cells, each and every one of them attuned to what we are thinking, feeling, saying, hearing etc.

In fact, when we are thinking that we are feeling weak, all our cells in our bodies respond by being weak.  However, when we are thinking that we are feeling strong, all our cells in our bodies respond by being strong. Likewise, when we are feeling tired, full of energy, miserable, happy or any other feelings you can imagine, our cells are responding in the same way.

So the state of our lives is dependent upon making sure that every one of our cells in our bodies is working to our benefit and that is where feeling positive, confident and happy with our lives makes such a difference to our whole being, from the inside out. Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling, it makes a huge difference.

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