Epilogue – Australia Trip

Sadly, my good friend Heather Williams passed away today.  I was told by her daughter-in-law Sonia that all her family were with her and holding her hand and that she is now at peace.

I was also told that my short visit to see Heather had made her week, and she was thrilled that I had taken the time to visit her.


Heather Williams 1959-2014

I shall remember Heather as looking well, chatting to me in her living room, telling me all about her farm, her hobbies and her plans for the future, the two grandchildren due to be born in the near future.

I am glad that I made the trip, as I know I would have regretted not going to see Heather. I didn’t just want to offer support from a distance, I wanted to be there for her in her time of need.


I also surprised myself at how upset I was on hearing the news.  This is something I shall have to ponder to discover the depth of my emotions.

Rest in peace Heather. You will definitely be missed.  You are now another star shining down on us from above.

heathers funeral

7th August 2014

Finally, Heather’s two sons, Kristoffer and Rhys, rode Heather’s beloved Harley and BSA behind her hearse to the Crematorium.  I am sure she would have loved that.

Maggie Currie


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