My approach to coaching

I am one of the top coaches in my field. You can trust my considerable knowledge, expertise and experience.  I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience. It is also vitally important to me that you understand that I know exactly where you are coming from.  I have been there. I have had absolutely no confidence in myself at all and have learned how to turn that around. That is why I am so passionate about helping you to be more confident.

I have many years of both national and international experience working with a range of people from 10 year olds to senior citizens, both male and female. This is complemented with of over 25 years of working in both private and public sector organisations and small businesses.

Coaching qualifications from Newcastle College, The Coaching Academy and Dawn Breslin Academy, Jamie Smart, Susan Jeffers along with NLP qualifications from INLPTA enable me to communicate effectively with all my clients so they can bring about the personal changes that they want.

In addition I have worked with Dawn Breslin, regular GMTV coach and international confidence coach, and with Susan Jeffers, author of ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, and Jamie Smart author and Clarity coach to establish my expertise so people who want to improve their self-esteem and build their confidence can feel confident that I will deliver.  

Me with Dawn Breslin Me with Susan Jeffers Jamie Smart

My coaching programmes are tailored to individual clients, but generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking stock of the individual’s current situation and clarifying exactly where they are now.
  • Identifying realistic options.
  • Acknowledging potential stumbling blocks and how to overcome them.
  • Raising and discussing anxieties and fears (real or perceived)
  • Feeling positive about taking up the challenge.
  • Prioritising short, medium and long term goals and strategies.
  • Creating and executing a plan of action to move forward.

I am empathetic to all my clients and completely non-judgemental and totally supportive in my approach to coaching.  All my clients have benefited from my coaching and some have made massive changes to their lives.  Some have made small changes which have ultimately resulted in big changes later on.  You don’t have to make a huge change in your life to make a great difference.

I am passionate about coaching and I am on a mission to inspire everyone to find and live their passions – to be their authentic, true self. I feel that my job is to be responsive, flexible and enabling, to draw out the star in you. In particular, I am skilled in rebuilding self-esteem and confidence, enabling you to develop to your full potential. To do all this requires a holistic, lively approach to personal and professional development, from the delivery of the training and coaching through to on-going support. And I’m interested in your results – no ifs, no buts.

Expect to be challenged, to re-learn old things in new ways but, most of all, expect to change your life.

I am a published author and have published ‘7 Steps to Rebuilding Confidence in Yourself‘.  And  My second book, ‘What you believe creates your reality. The guide to creating the reality you want‘, is also published.  

Additionally I am one of the co-authors of ‘One Page Wisdom’ (Page 55) published by Life Skills Australia in November 2009. I also write regularly for the Huffington Post.

I have appeared on Solent TV discussing how life coaching will change your life.  I have been interviewed on BBC Radio Solent by Mike Powell and have been interviewed on two occasions by Coach Erwin de Grave on Radio Coaching discussing how confidence coaching is beneficial and also where coaching will be in 2020 and how it will have evolved. 

I have presented teleseminars for Business for Coaches on Thought Field Therapy, confidence building, the subconscious mind and also how to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single person. 

All of us grow most when we are prepared to keep learning.  My professional practice is formed by a range of trainings and qualifications that make up my role as an expert coach.

Contact me today to book your first coaching session. 

Read my clients’ testimonials here. To help you to have more fun, more freedom and less stress. That is it. There is no catch. I believe in you.

Maggie Currie

Professional Transformational Coach, Consultant




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