The SELF workshop – the aftermath

The SELF workshop went very well. There were around 26 people in the room and all seemed to learn something, whether that was about themselves, their situation or their future plans.

I had some wonderful feedback too and will share this with you. I asked people to write on a post it note at the end of the workshop what they felt about it, and to stick it on the door as they left.  All comments were positive which is very gratifying for me as I had put a lot of work into this workshop.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.  I got to chat with every single one who came along, and after a little while they really began to get into it and were coming up with answers and experiences.


As we worked through the workbook, there were a few people who started to realise that they hadn’t been thinking about what they needed in life, they had been too busy pleasing other people. We talked a lot about energy, emotional energy spent on worrying, stressing etc.  And we found ways that we could reduce this.

We also talked about life and how although we exist, we shouldn’t just exist we should live our lives with vigour.



We talked about freedom and giving ourselves permission to  live our lives as we want for ourselves.  There was a general feeling that often we didn’t allow ourselves to be who we are because we can hide behind a persona in some way or another, whether that be the role we have at work or how we think we are perceived.

And then we created vision boards of how we want our lives to look and what goals we want to achieve.  They were excellent with some people knowing exactly what they want, and some not quite so sure.


All in all a good time was had by everyone, including myself.  Some of the attendees shared their vision boards and explained what it meant to them, others wanted to keep theirs private.

I am looking forward to the next one now with even more excitement.

If you would like to attend one of my workshops, or would like to coach with me, get in touch today.

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