S.E.L.F. – S – Strength

What does strength mean in the context of my coaching?  The Oxford Dictionary’s definition is ‘The influence or power possessed by a person’.  I agree with that definition, although I expand it a little thus:

  •  ‘The influence or power possessed by a person within, that they can use to overcome fears, changes, life traumas etc.’

Strength can manifest itself in many different ways.  For instance you could have great willpower and use it to break a habit, or have the strength to uphold your values despite peer pressure to do otherwise.  It is sometimes quite difficult to promote your own values when they are different from what maybe considered the norm.  That doesn’t mean that you or ‘they’ are wrong.  But sticking to your guns takes a lot of strength and resolve.

Having strength from within to confront your fears, deal with pain or danger, work through uncertainty and carry on despite intimidation can be difficult, but it is amazing the amount of inner strength we have, if we only care to look.

One very famous lady seemed to have a bottomless pit of strength upon which she would draw even in the face of criticism, ridicule and disbelief.  She was, of course, Mother Teresa who devoted her life to helping people in India.  She was widely admired by also widely criticised particularly for her campaigns against contraception and for substandard conditions in the hospices for which she was responsible.


Now, I am not suggesting that you or I are on a par with Mother Teresa, but we do have the same strengths within us and it is up to us to use those strengths for our own benefit and for the benefit of others.

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