How do you know when you are in need of coaching?

 I know there are a lot of people who think that they are ‘fine’ and certainly have no need of coaching of any sort.  They are mistaken in their belief that there is nothing anyone else can do to help them, that there is nobody else out there in the entire world who is in, or has been in, the same or similar situations as them.  They continue to plod on through life without help, without looking for answers to their questions and still believing that there is nothing they or anyone else can do to change their current situations.


I know differently.  I have been on both sides of that argument, and I know exactly what I am talking about.  I have been there, I have resisted being coached. I thought I was fine and, because I am a coach, didn’t need any coaching.  How wrong was I? Very, very wrong.

I have also been in a place where I didn’t even know coaching existed, when I was going through divorce and had no perception of a way out of despair and misery.  I had no idea at that time that there were coaches out there who could help me. Had I known that help was available for me from a coach I would have been first in the queue. It would have saved me a huge amount of heartache and anguish.

Since discovering coaching and training to be a coach, learning NLP techniques and how to coach with some of the top people in the country, I have been coaching for ten years and successfully changed the lives of so many people, as well as my own.  And I love every single minute of it.

But, and this is a big BUT, I resisted being coached myself because my ego kept telling me that I was okay, I was ‘fine’.

I have taken a good look at me, and my ego has been booted into the’ back of beyond’. I have hired my own coach, and I love being coached as much as I love coaching and watching people change and grow.Working with your own coach is so rewarding in a myriad of ways.


Maggie Currie

I learn something new every time I am coaching and being coached.  I believe learning is vital since we are very unlikely to ever know everything.

Contact me to have a free chat on how my coaching can help you.

Maggie Currie 

Creedence – Confidence for You

I am coaching people to become the very best version of themselves so that they can have more fun, live a better life and enjoy their work.







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