Life’s simple pleasures

There are a myriad of things in and around us that cost nothing or indeed very little yet give us enormous amounts of pleasure.  

 Some of the things that give me the greatest pleasure are looking out of my window at the view and seeing the green fields to one side and the sea to the other. I can sit and look out of the window in the daytime and see little boats sailing past, and some cruise ships too. Birds feeding from the feeders I hang up for them, foxes and rabbits jumping around in the fields. And then I can watch the sunset and the spectacular colours that it produces. By night I can watch the stars and the moon and see the mainland all lit up across the Solent.  


Just sitting in my cosy chair talking with my friends on the phone gives me immense pleasure. Learning about how they are getting on in their lives and listening to their successes. 


A cup of freshly brewed coffee goes down well when reading a good book or watching a film on dvd.  Cutting out pictures to put in my book of dreams or on my dream board, kissing my husband, meeting up with friends, listening to children enjoying themselves.

tyre swing

So many things to enjoy in life. Looking at beautiful flowers in the gardens, watching the blossom pop out of the trees, cats sunning themselves, babies smiling. 


There is something virtually everywhere I look that costs nothing but is priceless.
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Maggie Currie 

Creedence – Confidence for You

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