My technically challenging two weeks

Where do I start?  This last couple of weeks have been horrendous in respect of my computer.

I had the tower built for me to accommodate my specific requirements and for 8 months it has been working well. A couple of weeks ago it began to hang and then there was a shimmer on the screens. The engineer who built it was called and he replaced the video card which he claimed would ‘probably’ fix it. Well, it didn’t.  It made it ten times worse. The shimmer was gone, but the computer crashed, and crashed and crashed.


Engineer came back and replaced the power supply and memory cards. ‘That should fix it, otherwise I have no idea’ he said  No different, the computer crashed and crashed all over again. But, of course, he had gone by then.

Contacted engineer who claimed that I had told him that he wasn’t fixing the computer in a timely manner. This I had never said or implied, all I asked is that the computer is fixed.  He said it would have been fixed sooner if I hadn’t been adamant that it should not be taken away to their workshop. I wasn’t adamant, I said I would prefer that it wasn’t taken away.

So on Wednesday morning I went out and bought a new tower, Kelvin transferred everything to it and I am up and running again. This took most of the day.  My work was piling up and I was letting down my coaching clients who I speak with on Skype.

All this hassle, and without the help of my technical genius husband I would be totally stuck. Nothing would get done. Fortunately everything is backed up offsite and retrieving everything was relatively easy.

So computer is being collected on Monday to be diagnosed and ‘fixed’. Meanwhile I am able to work and get on with my daily life and work with my clients using my new computer.


The gift of this situation is that I am able to calmly go about my daily work, even through all this disruption. My experiences and learning mean I don’t freak out, I accept the situation and deal with it calmly and with positivity. Previously I would have freaked out, and run around in circles getting absolutely nowhere.

I have also learned that I can find and download programmes and tools, I am capable and life goes on.

I have some availability for coaching clients, we just need to fix some dates if and when you want to get started. Get in touch today.

Maggie Currie 

Creedence – Confidence for You

International Confidence Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author






12 thoughts on “My technically challenging two weeks

  1. What a total nightmare for you Maggie! But you prove that its not the situation but how you handle it that matters. Have to confess that the slightest glitch in my computer sends me into a complete panic!


  2. Hats off to the way you’ve responded to your technically challenging 2 weeks! I’ve had issues as well and it threw me into a panic! I now, hopefully, have the backup I need….till the next time! Wishing you a relaxing, stress-free day! Thanks for sharing, Maggie.


  3. I am glad everything worked out in the end and your training paid off 🙂 I know what its like to have computer problems and it certainly does put a cramp in ones business 🙂


  4. Awesome how you handled yourself! I can see the pressure when nothing is working and you want it to work because people are waiting ofr you on the other side. Great testimony for all of us! Thanks!


  5. Glad you are making it through, I had a similar experience when the internet went down for two weeks and the techs couldn’t get it figured out. For some reason I wasn’t getting any signal on my phone either it was a mess, I figured the universe wanted me to take a break : )


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