Friends – or are they?

It has taken me a long time, but I have eventually realised that not everyone who claims to be my friend actually is.  I tend to look at friendship from my own perspective which is to be there for someone when they need it, help when required, loyalty and compassion.

I have listened to my intuition and have learned that there are some people who take advantage of my perspective on friendship and initially offer help, or a very reasonably priced seminar, a ‘not for profit’ retreat, only to then try to upsell even more ‘help’, which would be followed by more upselling.


For instance, I was invited to go along to a two day conference where there would be a number of speakers who would inform me about loads of things I wanted to know about.  Such as how they worked, who they worked with, the results they achieved and so on.  The cost was minimal, and the ‘proceeds’ were going to be donated to a hospital for sick children.  So I went.  I met some lovely people there who were also attending this conference.

The conference itself started very well with one speaker who was very interesting, told us all about what he does and the results he gets, demonstrated some of his techniques and gave everyone a free copy of his latest book.  From then on it went downhill rapidly.  Every speaker after that told the audience nothing about what they do, but did offer ‘limited’ spaces on their upcoming courses priced in the hundreds of pounds.  And they all used the same message ‘run to the back of the room to sign up now or you will miss out, there are only 10 places and they are filling fast’.

By the time the second day came around and the first two speakers were using the same tactics, I had decided not to stay any longer and left for home.  I had learned that conferences such as these are just a means to upsell products at vast prices.


I have met several ‘coaches’, entrepreneurs and performers who do the same things.  They offer you retreats, seminars, workshops for little or no cost and then try to upsell more courses, retreats, workshops costing many hundreds of pounds.  They are not my friends, they are not there to help me, they are there to make money – that is all they want to do, make money.  They claim they are interested in empowering women to be powerful, or they want to turn me into a hard headed business woman.  They told me I must hold free workshops and upsell to people.

It doesn’t feel right to me to do this type of thing.  I am up front with the cost of my coaching.  I tell my prospective clients how much the coaching will cost them, as they are using both my time and my expertise, and that is it.  There is no upselling, they discover very soon that I am there to help them to get the results they want.

So, I am not going to fall for these sales tricks any longer from supposed friends.  When I offer a retreat it is specifically for the purpose of providing the time and space for people to be coached and to find the answers they are looking for.  There isn’t another product to sell at a higher price.  Of course, if they would like to continue coaching with me that is their choice, it is not the aim of the retreat to gain more business.

If anything resonates with you from the above, I will be delighted to hear from you, and of course happy to help you, please contact me .

I am helping people to become the very best version of themselves and would love to work with you too.

Maggie Currie

Professional Transformational Coach, Consultant





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